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Where Food Meets Art

We are thrilled to profile these incredibly talented artists who have captured amazing art - food moments. Our heartfelt thanks to these artists and the many that will follow.


Wise Confucius said, “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Wood carver, John Hiebert sees beauty in wood. Carving apple, poplar, spruce, maple, zebra wood, walnut, cherry, and from Africa – bubinga and pedukh into these beautiful food vessels is his passion.

For information about John Hiebert’s bowls or a hand-made crokinole board - Email:
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Creative work, such as carving bowls, is certainly as John’s dad Henry Hiebert used to say,  “Die arbeit est vokommen (The work is fulfilling).”


Leanne Laine is a Canadian artist residing in British Columbia. Her exclusive ‘Women In Wine Series’ and ‘Vinogamy Series’ are two unique collection of wine art works that depict the elegance, sophistication, sweetness, and vibrancy of the movement of wine that hypnotizes the palate. More of Leanne’s beautiful work can be found at

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David Trautrimas4 Deb Cripps“Creating fantastical structures from commonplace appliances, Toronto based photographer David Trautrimas unlocks the mind from a state of static recognition as his photographic compositions reveal an alternative take on architecture & landscape. His digital constructions of buildings made from abject and dismantled housewares at once announce the limits of industrial proliferation as they bring levity to the possibility of recycled innovation.”

The creativity of David Trautrimas:

David Trautrimas3 Deb Cripps



Coffee Pot Towers 19″ x 29″ 2008 digital print on archival paper




Stand Mixer Mews 16″ x 32″ 2008 digital print on archival paper.



David Trautrimas2 Deb Cripps

Waffle Iron Heights 25″ x 33″ 2008 digital print on archival paper 

David Trautrimas1 Deb Cripps

“The Toaster Factory” 2007 digital print on archival matte paper


Born in Sri Lanka, Frances Ferdinands is a Toronto-based Canadian artist. Her work is generally created in “series”, that have a specific thematic focus, such as isolation (ADRIFT), WAR, FASHION/ART, and most recently FOOD FOR THOUGHT. Her images, often a mix of contemporary and historical source material, are arresting juxtapositions, infused with humour, irony, metaphor, and spirituality.


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Eyoälha Baker is a Canadian photographer, entrepreneur, and avid traveler whose vision is to create an art photo book of 1,000 photos of people jumping for joy around the world.

jump for the love of food joy2This contribution of Jumping for Joy for The Love of Food is a celebration of Michael Lyons’ work at Graze restaurant in Vancouver, B.C., and his joyful commitment to an organic and sustainable philosophy.  

jump for the love of food joy

For additional information about Eyoälha Baker’s portfolio showcasing the beauty of the human spirit – in mid-air – around the world and her inspiring International Photography Project, please visit

Jump for Joy! Photo Project

 For information about Graze Restaurant visit


“AgVenture Map of Canada”

 pencil and ink – by Canadian artist Katie Tyrell

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“Keepers of the Land”

photo collage monotype print by Nicole Battista 

Nicole Battista BA., MA (Fine Art) is a Canadian artist and the owner and lead instructor at
Chrysalides House Gallery, Studio and School of Fine Art.
For more information please visit

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 Stay tuned for more :)