The First Lady of Farming

Carl Hiebert - The love of food - 2 (2)

This farming story takes place in the small community of Bruce Mines, Ontario with Ron and Cathy Bonnett.

Carl Hiebert - The love of food - 2 (2)The Bonnetts operate an 800-acre farm with 200 head of Angus. Ron is the president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), and his business travel (200 days each year) regularly takes him away from the farm. That puts the first lady in charge…

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Philip and Rhonda Thornley

It’s a story that could perhaps only be told in Newfoundland: a young couple’s dream of carving out a lifestyle from rock and bog. In 1979, city dwellers Philip and Rhonda Thornley knew they wanted to live in harmony with the land. They wanted to integrate family and work, vision and passion.

Philip and Rhonda Thornley

It was a daunting task. They took on the challenge of a cold climate, land with poor drainage and soil that required irrigation and frost protection. They built ponds and roads, picked rocks, bought every piece of equipment and built their own home and storage sheds.

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