The Friendliest Farmers’ Market in Canada

Wines of the LaHave River Valley


Story by Deb Cripps  ~  Photos by Deb Cripps & Carl Hiebert 

A farmers’ market can be more than just the sale of goods. It can help us to maintain important social connections and serve as an intriguing reflection of the community we live in. You can tell a lot about the people of a town by its market. The mood of a bustling large urban market is remarkably different from that of a small rural market.

The Hubbards Farmers’ Market located in the 215 year-old seaside village of Hubbards, Nova Scotia tells a story. On Saturday mornings it seems that the entire population of Hubbards makes an early migration to the barn. Situated on six acres of woodlands dotted with picnic tables and trails for walking, the vibe is relaxed, easy, and super friendly.

Your morning begins with the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, lively tunes from a local band, and one of Papa’s Carl’s homemade blueberry scones.

scones hubbards novascotia farmersmarket local theloveoffood

There are samples of fine breads, ‘Hug Your Nanny goat cheese, and a taste of the local wine from Petite Rivière. After chatting up the fish monger at Sheila’s about her scallops and cod bits, you wander over to meet Wanda Leopold—who crochets colourful dish clothes. Her smile is a reward in itself.

seafood nova scotia hubbards theloveoffood wanda's handmade dishclothes nova scotia the love of food

Outside there is story-telling, a large sandbox, and a kids’ art table for the kiddies. The fare is fresh and local. The preserves and chocolate are homemade. The honey, smoked fish, grass-fed beef and variety of meats, pastries, fruits and plants are all fresh. Husband and wife team, Devin and Katrina Fairn proudly sell non-sprayed vegetables from their 13-acre operation in Centreville and are eager to share their story.

organic farmers hubbards farmersmarket novascotia theloveoffood

live music hubbards novascotia farmers market local theloveoffood  Carl Hiebert photo wine vendor Hubbards Market Nova Scotia

Everyone at this market has a warm smile and nod, and share in a sense of connectedness. The barn mirrors the characteristics of the village and its people, which is most certainly, one of the friendliest markets in Canada.

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