Food is not just about your itty-bitty body.

deb cripps cathy hanen

From a farmer to you – a series of real stories about real people.

deb cripps cathy hanen

Cathy Hansen is a farmer who cooks and a cook who farms. Working from soil to the table, she grows wholesome organic vegetables and herbs to use in her small farmhouse kitchen. The results are delicious.

deb cripps cathy hansen hands“I love the creativity (of food). I’m not an artist, but a kitchen painter. I can taste things in my head… I guess I have a reasonably good palate.

Cooks are lucky; we have an opportunity to give all the time and short circuit the necessity to buy something.”

After pursuing an agricultural science degree at the University of Guelph she turned her attention to farming. With a student body that was 75% male, the balance being women who were raised on farms and 4-H clubs, she was strikingly different. “I grew up in Oakville and my dad was an airline pilot. Because I wasn’t a farmer’s kid, I looked at things differently.” [Read more...]