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For The Love of Goats

Every small business owner has a story to share. It is usually extremely personal and one marked with unpredictability and heart. One of The Love of Food’s mandates is to celebrate these bold, big-hearted risk-takers, so it is our pleasure to introduce you to Debbie Nightingale & Shain Jaffa and their goat friends: Eva Shmeva, Butterscotch, Pearl, and Sally.

In 2007, Debbie & Shain traded in urban life for an old farmhouse in Campbellford, Ontario. Not too long after, they adopted four Nigeria dwarf goats, which set off a chain reaction of the heart. Those first four does—and the babies who followed, became the inspiration for Haute Goat, a niche-focused business that is about all things goat.

hautegoat theloveoffood goatcheese chocolate

Haute Goat is a small farm-based operation that produces goat products such as goat cheese truffles, goat butter popcorn & fudge, goat milk caramels, soaps and creams.

goats hautegoat  theloveoffood campbellford goatcheese goats small business debcripps

Haute Goat’s “Naked salted goat milk caramels” (70% dark chocolate – with a sprinkling of Maldon salt) are a divine balance of sweet, salt and chocolate. The Goat milk caramel corn is exactly what caramel corn should be: it sticks to your teeth, has a great snap to it, and is the perfect caramel taste.

hautegoat chocolate theloveoffood campbellford goatcheese goats small business debcrippshautegoat theloveoffood campbellford goatcheese goats small business debcripps

Cheers to Debbie and Shain, and the thousands of other local small businesses that make our lives sweeter, fuel our economy and create community!

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 A Delicious Destination: Grand  Pré Winery – Nova Scotia

Grand  Pré Winery is located an hour’s drive from Halifax with its cruise ship harbour and international airport; and ten minutes away from Wolfville  the business heart of  the agricultural Annapolis Valley .

The winery sits at the crest of a hill surrounded by fields of grapevines, with a spectacular view of Cape Blomidon across the Minas Basin to the west and the Cornwallis River to the south.

The Stutz family (owner and operators) had a clear vision of what the winery should be from the start and so began a new kind of family farm. Hanspeter bought the winery in 1993 and started clearing, planting and building. The following year his son, Jürg Stutz, enrolled in Oenology at Wädenswil  in  Switzerland a five year program that involved all the aspects of wine making, grape growing and marketing

“I was 21 when we bought the winery. I was young, had nothing to lose  and was ready for a challenge.” Jùrg recalls. “It was an exciting  opportunity, the Canadian lifestyle and the feeling of potentially having a big impact on a young and growing wine industry”.

Jùrg’s sister Beatrice opened an onsite gourmet restaurant, Le Caveau, providing a fine dining experience specializing in Atlantic seafood and locavore cuisine.

Since opening in 2000, Grand Pré wines made by Jurg Stutz  have routinely won medals at wine competitions. Beatrice’s Le Caveau restaurant  was selected by Wine Access Magazine in 2011 as one of the top twenty winery restaurants in the world and Hanspeter has been a dominant player in  the Nova Scotia wine industry.

Grand pre at night deb crippsWhen I visited Grand  Pré Winery this spring it was a feast for the eye as well as the palate. The heritage buildings atop the hillside of grapevines are a landmark for miles around. A fountain of basalt pillars marks the entrance to a cobblestone courtyard inset with grapevine designs. The Wine Shop offers a wide portfolio of wines from bubbly to port as well as local foods, cheeses, and giftware. It also houses an interpretation centre which overlooks the tank room and barrel cellar below. Le Caveau Restaurant is located across the courtyard under the main offices. A large pergola for outdoor dining sweeps around the crest of the hill with panoramic views. Flowers festoon the grounds and local musicians enhance the overall experience.

Grand Pré Winery has become a popular stop on nearly every wine tour and a favourite venue for weddings and corporate events. There are now six wineries within 5 km of Grand  Pré and three others within 30 km, all of which share their dream of creating exceptional wines and encouraging wine tourism. Please visit

Grand  Pré Winery – Nova Scotia was written by Veronica Leonard – a wine writer writing from the point of view of a wine tourist.  Visit her blog at


A Delicious Destination:

The Historic Distillery District, Toronto, Ontario. 

The Mill Street Brewery in the historic Distillery District in Toronto, Ontario offers a community local pub experience. William Blake said, “A good local pub has much in common with a church, except that a pub is warmer, and there’s more conversation.” And the last time we visited the Mill Street brewpub, the conversation was warm and the laughter loud.

This is their story…

Mill Street The Beer Hall -04a (2)

“Fate led us to an unused 19th-century tankhouse within the historic Gooderham & Worts Distillery complex, now known as the Distillery District. With dreams of revolutionizing the local beer scene, we began with some second-hand equipment and worked hard to produce first-rate brews that we knew would get people’s attention.

“From Original Organic Lager, Tankhouse Ale, and Stock Ale, to our Belgian Wit, and Coffee Porter, we always lovingly carved a niche within the Ontario market for our fledgling brands, and insisted on distinctive packaging that celebrated their uniqueness.

“As word spread and beer lovers flocked to our little brewery in the red brick building, we steadily expanded our distribution and even turned some of our more popular small-batch seasonals into year-round draught offerings (our award-winning Mill Street Pilsner and Cobblestone Stout).

“By 2006, demand had exceeded our facility’s modest capacity, so we made the decision to expand the brewery with a larger plant in Scarborough and convert the original brewery space into a brewpub serving 16 beers on tap with great food and service. And in 2012 we opened a second brewpub on the banks of the Ottawa River in a historic old grist mill.”

Mill Street the love of food2 jpgThe brewery proudly boasts, “Brewing the finest ingredients in small batches, yielding lagers and ales of exceptional quality and taste, with a dedication to our craft and passion for pushing the envelope has earned us many accolades.” Mill Street Brewery was voted Best Brewpub/Tied House in Ontario (2007-2009) and named “Canadian Brewery of the Year” three years running at the Canadian Brewing Awards, five-time pick for “Best Microbrewery in the GTA” (2004 & 2008), and their Coffee Porter was awarded “Beer of the Year.”

Enjoy this video with Joel Manning (Mill Street’s Brewmaster), as he explains how to pair beer with your favorite cheese, then put aside the pretzels and peanuts, and find yourself great artisanal cheese, like the offerings from the Monforte Dairy in Stratford, Ontario